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The chair is also crazy! You absolutely can't think that these 15 materials can also be made into chairs.

The chair is also crazy! You absolutely can't think that these 15 materials can also be made into chairs.

Issue Time:2018/12/01

The chair is also crazy! You absolutely can't think that these 15 materials can also be made into chairs.

In the history of modern design, the transformation of chairs and the development of architectural technology are synchronized, and the evolution of chairs can even be seen as a mirror of history. As George Nelson pointed out in 1953: “Every truly original idea, every design innovation, every new material application, every kind of furniture technology invention can be obtained on a chair. The most vivid expression.

 (George Nelson)

Today, I also brought 15 novelty chair shows to see how designers can play with materials and create unexpected new effects.

NO1.Gradient glass

The Ombré Glass Chair is a tribute to Cangjing Shilang (1934-1991). His iconic glass chair is one of the most influential furniture designs of the 20th century. The transparent glass seems to condense in the air. This groundbreaking design concept truly reflects the importance of materials and sets a precedent for the special use of glass materials.

Printing the color ink onto the glass adds a touch of brilliance to the glass chair, while still maintaining the unique transparency of the glass.

The glass chair embodies the infatuation of invisibility and transparency. Using a revolutionary bonded glass technique, six glass plates are combined to eliminate all structural traces without the need for screws. The chair is shaped like a single body, showing a sense of existence

NO2.Sponge filling

Daria Zinovatnaya, a 90-year-old sister from Ukraine, won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2017 for her Cherokee collection. The Cherokee collection designed by her is obviously not the same as the Nordic style that is popular in the world today.

The work was influenced by the “Memphis” headed by Ettore Sottsass in the 1980s. The design is simple, but the mix of colors and materials makes you feel playful and creative.

NO3.White Oak

The designer Danish designer Peter Qvist is called Qvist. As a home designer, he is also an architect who specializes in combining advanced 3D modeling with skilled craftsmanship.

Made from 17 layered birch veneers, this chair has a new feel for traditional white birch wood.

In order to provide a smooth and silky finish to the wood, each piece of white oak is hand-polished with oil wax.

NO4.Mixed Material

This is a Lawless "shaped" chair designed by American designer Evan Fay, which brings a new feeling while satisfying normal functions.

This seat woven a long strip of blue cushion on a welded steel rod frame and combined into a chair shape. The two materials not only form a strong contrast in the visual, but the orderly and balanced steel bars and chaotic cushions also create a set of contradictory impacts, thus creating a real space of opposite but complementary.


Since we were young, we have learned a lot of origami crafts, and this craft has inspired two designers from the Netherlands. This Flux Chair expands into an elegant and comfortable chair in just 4 seconds. It is like a large envelope that doesn't take up space. The chair is made of very strong polypropylene. Polypropylene is one of the lightest varieties in plastic. The total weight of the chair is only 4.3KG, but it can withstand the weight of 160KG.

The handles are not only able to hold the chair on the hand like a document bag, but also can be hung on the wall for storage. It can also be carried out like a suitcase, especially suitable for outdoor places such as barbecues and barbecues.

NO6.Hanger chair

Sometimes when you get to the office, you will quickly take off your jacket and hang it on the backrest of the seat. JoeyZeledón is such a designer who is too reluctant and somewhat "lazy". He designed this hanger chair by inserting numerous ordinary hangers into a seat with a steel frame structure.


Among the traditional 100 crafts, bamboo is one of the most materials combined with life. An important characteristic of bamboo itself is toughness, which can be bent to produce strong elastic stress. No, a little brother from Taiwan designed a small bamboo bench.

From the appearance point of view, this bamboo stool is no different from other stools. However, this bamboo stool structure is particularly pleasing, relying on its own tension and interspersed with each other to bear the weight. Like a trampoline, it can show different curvatures according to the different weights of each person, so that people can get a more comfortable experience.

This bamboo stool does not have a nail in the whole body. It uses the traditional bamboo raft craft and is fixed with bamboo nails.


This "AO" Chair is the work of a Chinese designer. He used to see the real thing when he was watching the exhibition. This is a chair that changes with the use. The seat surface is flat at first. During use, the malleable chair surface is pressed down by the weight of the human body, and the hips are deformed. Form a dimple arc.

Using a special cutting method similar to paper-cutting, the 2d plane can be extended into a three-dimensional 3D convex surface. The pattern of the hexagonal pattern gradually increases from the side to the middle, thereby obtaining a natural and formal seat surface.


The Bertoia Loom woven chair was created by the French designer Clement Brazille  and is a reinterpretation of the iconic work of American designer Harry Bertoia, expressing his tribute to his centennial birthday.

Just like a loom, we use a corduroy, flannel and other materials to wear a unique coat for each chair. Weaving also quickly showed its benefits. Once the weaving is added, the original wire chair becomes very comfortable, soft and distinctive.


Looks like this chair with a rough surface and sharp edges, do you dare to sit? Designed by Dutch designer Matthijs Kok, the Stone Foam Stool looks like a natural rock.

NO11.Waste mattress

The Ted Bed's versatile cushion is designed by Volen Valentinov. Interestingly, this soft bed, which looks like a 850 x 2000 mm, can easily be turned into an armchair, a lazy couch, and a chair. Moreover, the material is also very environmentally friendly. It is made of the waste material of the mattress field. The waterproof material also makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


This is a chair called Exploded Chair. Designer Joyce Lin dismantled a wooden chair and placed it in a transparent, hollow acrylic tube. The chair in the acrylic tube was "residual" and slanted. It’s like being blown up.

This is a deconstructed decomposition chair, which looks like a loosely-structured waste chair from a distance. In fact, the designer embeds a decomposed wooden chair in a transparent plastic box, giving a visual sense of confusion.

NO13.Wood + resin

Hattern Design Studio has been focusing on the recycling of wood scraps and recently launched a stool called Zero Per Stool. After collecting the wood waste and then pouring it with resin, then cooling it to make it hard, the designer also hopes to create a zero-waste furniture that calls attention to environmental protection.

After the resin is cured, a hard wood and resin mixture is obtained, which is then cut and polished to the stool surface. Each stool has a unique style.

NO14.Three-dimensional elastic weaving

Layer is an experience-driven industrial design agency founded by British designer benjamin hubert. They created a "cradle" series for moroso. Combine a mesh-shaped hammock with a traditional upholstered recliner. The collection consists of a chair, a screen and a table.

NO15.Wool knitting

The Big Rush chair has a new look by winding the yarn around a single metal frame. Not only is the shape unique, but also practical, and sometimes the combination of simple ideas, there will be different surprise effects.

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