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What kind of floor chairs are available?

What kind of floor chairs are available?

Update Time:2018/7/25
There are a lot of different kinds of floor chairs available. In order for you to make the best decision, we will discuss some different kind of chairs.
  • Adults or kids? Do you want to buy a floor level chair For kids or for adults? This is an important thing to consider when purchasing your chair. While kids usually fit on chairs designed for adults, it unfortunately does not always work the other way around..

  • Lounger chairs: these chairs are usually more comfortable than normal chairs, and often have a leg rest as well. These chairs generally position you in a more relaxed position, which makes lounger chairs less suitable to e.g. eat at a table.

  • Adjustable back chairs: some chairs allow you to change the position of the backrest, allowing you to change the adjustable back rest to any position you wish. Some of these adjustable chairs allow you to choose between 5 (or sometimes even more than 5) different backrest positions!

  • Floor tv chairs: these are ideal to sit back, relax and watch television. In some cases they even come with a cupholder so you don't spill your coke when watching a scary movie, or your favorite television series!

  • Floor chair sofa: these are usually more soft and comfortable floor chairs, made of soft foam or pillow-like materials, that remind you of your favorite sofa! Some sofa chairs are big enough to fit 2 persons.

  • floor rocking chairs: These are the good old rocking as we know them from our favorite westerns! They really do not need much explanation!

  • Swivel floor chair: Believe it or not, swivel floor chairs are also available! The actual swiveling might be a little bit harder than on a regular desk or office chair, because your legs are so close to the floor.
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